サルホマンボナイト~ SALHO MAMBO NIGHT ゲストDJ Blue Lesson Midori, DJ ニーダ

2019/03/08 - 2019/03/09
7:00PM - 12:30AM
@Studio PePe 2
サルホマンボナイト~ SALHO MAMBO NIGHT ゲストDJ Blue  Lesson Midori, DJ ニーダ
イベントタイトル:サルホマンボナイト~ SALHO MAMBO NIGHT ゲストDJ Blue Lesson Midori, DJ ニーダ
English is below.
Salsa On2 Styleのことを、このスタイル発祥の地ニューヨークではMamboと呼んでいます。
Pachanga All Level
主にTalal Benlahsen, Jose Diazに師事。

DJ Blue 10/31(土)サルホナイト@代官山ザ・ルーム繊細に場の空気を読む選曲の天才、DJ BLUE !!!


★DJ Blue

NewYork International Salsa Congress 2015、Japan Salsa Congress 2015&2018、International Japan Latin Dance Congress 2016-2018などでDJ。

DjBlue Yoshihiro


★DJ niida
1998年より2008年までサルサホットラインジャパン(以下、SHJ)で、Japan Salsa Congress、サルホナイト、SALSA
LIBRE en velfareなどをオーガナイズする。サルホナイトについては、1999年よりメインスタッフとして活躍し、おそらく、サルサイベントを手がけた回数や動員数は日本で屈指。
【毎月第2金曜日「サルホマンボナイト」@スタジオペぺ2 イベント概要】
★日時:2019年3/8(金) 19:00~24:30
港区六本木7-17-12 ビジネスアパートメンツB1
¥1,500w1d (Lesson+¥500)
 19:00-20:30 1コイン¥500レッスン by みどり
 20:30-24:30 DJ Time
★Guest Dj : DJ Blue
★レギュラーDJ ニーダ
★アクセス :
★選曲 : サルサがメインで、8曲に1曲くらいバチャータ
“SALHO MAMBO NIGHT” will be held on Friday 8th March!!
What’s MAMBO?
Salsa On2 Style is called as Mambo in New York where is the birthplace of it.
Everybody is welcome as we are aiming to create the heart-warming
space due to dance Salsa for beginners to advanced!!
Of course On1 dancers are welcome as well!!
Salsa is mainly played, and Bachata is coming every 8 songs.
【This month’s Guest DJ】
DJ Blue who is already famous in Asia and West-side-America!!
Made a debut as a Salsa DJ in 2009.
Using her experience of a performer and social dancer, her DJ sound is widely apprised.
Not only her regular spinning in Concept Salsa, she played in the parties of Eddie Palmieri, Larry Harlow Bluenote and more of main salsa events in all over Asia including Taiwan and Bangkok.
She has just played in San Francisco SBK Congress last November.
Recently she is often invited in Bachata events, but she always considers herself as a Salsa On2 Dancer and aims to play the music which you can feel Latin groove.
【One and half hours’ 500 yen Lesson】
Instructor : Midori
Level:All Level
Contents: Pachanga
【Break down of “SALHO MAMBO NIGHT” which is held on the second Fridays in Studio PEPE2】
★Time:19:00~24:30, On Friday 8th March 2019.
★Venue:Studio PEPE2,
★Address : 1st Basement of Business Apartment, 7-17-12, Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
★Website of the venue : http://studio-pepe.com/access.html
★Entree Fee :1,500 yen with 1 drink ( Lesson+500 yen)
★Schedule :
19:00-20:30 Pachanga Lesson by Midori
20:30-24:30 DJ Time
★Guest DJ : DJ Blue
★Regular DJ : DJ niida
★DJ niida
Belonged to Salsa Hotline Japan 1999 – 2008, and was one of the main
organizers of Japan Salsa Congress, Salsa Hotline Night, Salsa Libre
en Velfare and so on. Is the most experienced salsa-event-organizer in
Japan. Managing his own dance studio, enperienced in different firlds
like being a secretary of politicians and a Web creator in major
company, returned to be a member of SHJ in July 2015. Is going on
working for warming Japanese salsa scenes up.
During the stay in Moscow, visited many cities in Europe and learnt
various style of salsa from world top dancers.
Was mainlu instructed by Talal Benlahsen and Jose Diaz